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The Bombardier MOVIA C951 cars belong to the newest generation of rolling stock on Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. 73 trainsets consisting of 3 cars each were purchased at a cost of approximately S$570.7 million for passenger service.[1] These rail trains will serve the Downtown Line and will be delivered from late 2012 to 2016. They will be stabled at Gali Batu Depot and also on Kim Chuan Depot, just like Alstom Metropolis C830.

Bombardier beat Alstom, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hyundai Rotem in the tendering process as the lowest cost offered.[2]


New train seat profileEdit

The train seat profile is new and designed with the comfort of commuters in mind. Ergonomic considerations have been taken into account in the design of the curves of the seat.

Reserved seats in red colourEdit

The reserved seats are coloured red for clear and obvious differentiation of seats catered for commuters with special needs.

Perch seats (Alternative to the two-seaters)Edit

The two-seaters in the gangway area have been converted to perch seats, except for two wheelchair spaces in the centre car of the train. Perch seats create a wider standing space for commuters. They also encourage commuters to move towards the end of the train and provide greater ease of movement during boarding or alighting from the train.

Dynamic route map displayEdit

The dynamic route map display provides commuters with their current journey status and route information. Additionally, it also indicates the side of doors that will open. This is similar to the STARIS system on the C151 trains.

New design of straphangersEdit

A new design of straphangers, which is also used in other metros worldwide, offers commuters a steadier grip during train journeys.

Two-tone flooringEdit

The two-tone flooring is an aesthetically new design.

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