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(501/502 - 543/544)Edit

501/502 (BSD)
503/504 (BSD)
505/506 (BSD)
507/508 (TBA)
509/510 (TBA)
511/512 (TBA)
513/514 (TBA)
515/516 (TBA)
517/518 (TBA)
519/520 (TBA)
521/522 (TBA)
523/524 (TBA)
525/526 (TBA)
527/528 (TBA)
529/530 (TBA)
531/532 (TBA)
533/534 (TBA)
535/536 (TBA)
537/538 (TBA)
539/540 (TBA)
541/542 (TBA)
543/544 (TBA)

Do note that there is only 3 sets being known at BSD. The rest of the trains are either under construction, located at other depots which are unknown to us or have yet to arrive.

Other InformationEdit


Due to complexity of some ads, advertisement codes are present

  • F: Full Train Ad - Advertisement on both the exterior and the interior of a train
  • E: Full Exterior Ad - Advertisement fully pasted on the exterior of a train
  • I: Full Interior Ad - Advertisement fully pasted on the interior of a train
  • H/I : Half-Interior Ad - Advertisement pasted in the interior of a train, on either windows, overhead boards, or side panels (Any 2)
  • O: Overhead Ad - Advertisement pasted on boards placed above windows of a train
  • W: Window Ad - Advertisement pasted on all windows of a train
  • S/P: Side Panel Ad - Advertisement pasted on the side panels only, in the interior of a train


  • CHD: Changi Depot
  • UPD: Ulu Pandan Depot
  • BSD: Bishan Depot
  • TBA: To Be Announced - (Unknown/Overseas/Under Manufacturing/Being Shipped to Singapore/Not Spotted)

Train ManufacturersEdit

  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) built xx trainsets: xx
  • CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive (QSL) built xx trainsets: xx
  • Rolling Stock Co (RSC) built xx trainsets: xx


Trains can park at ANY depot. These deployments are based on spottings and observations of the lines(s) a train runs on frequently, and so determining which depot the train parks at. Thus, these deployments do not guarantee 100% accuracy.

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