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(201/202 - 237/238)Edit

201/202 (BSD)

203/204 (BSD)

205/206 (BSD)

207/208 (UPD)

209/210 (UPD)

211/212 (CHD)

213/214 (CHD)

215/216 (CHD) W: GuocoLand - SIMS URBAN OASIS

217/218 (BSD)

219/220 (UPD)

221/222 (CHD)

223/224 (CHD) 

225/226 (UPD)

227/228 (UPD)

229/230 (CHD)

231/232 (CHD)

233/234 (CHD)

235/236 (CHD) W: Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge

237/238 (CHD)

Random Overhead Adverts Edit

1x Beijing 101
4x Aberdeen

Other InformationEdit


Due to complexity of some ads, advertisement codes are present

  • W: Window Ad - Advertisement pasted on all windows of a train
  • All C651s have random overhead ads.


  • CHD: Changi Depot
  • UPD: Ulu Pandan Depot
  • BSD: Bishan Depot


  • Trains can park at ANY depot. These deployments are based on spottings and observations of the lines(s) a train runs on frequently, and so determining which depot the train parks at. Thus, these deployments do not guarantee 100% accuracy.

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