Template:Coord Changi Depot is located on the Mass Rapid Transit near Koh Sek Lim Road, Singapore. Changi Depot comprises a train yard, which can hold a capacity of 35 trains (30 trains in service) and has an area of 250,000 square metres. The depot is also used for train inspection for trains on the North South Line and East West Line. The depot was completed in late 1980s when the East West Line was completed. The depot is beside the NEWater Visitor Center and is near Expo Station.

Incidents Edit

On May 18, 2010, carriage number 1048 of a Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 train (set 047-048) was deliberately vandalised in the depot. Elaborate graffiti was drawn on the lower half of the carriage.[1] A Swiss national, Oliver Fricker was charged with three charges of trespassing into the depot on the early hours of May 17 and vandalising the train by spraying paint and damaging public property by cutting a wired fence into property belonging to the Land Transport Authority. Another British national has also been named as being involved in the case. However, his whereabouts are unknown.[2] SMRT apologised for security lapse on June 8, 2010. It reviewed the security measures in all depots together with the authorities. All personnel of the security companies, employed by SMRT, have been instructed to step up vigilance. The number of security personnel and patrols at each depot has been increased.[3]

References Edit

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