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The East West MRT Line was the 2nd Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore to be built. The line is currently 49.2 km long with 35 stations (4 to be constructed by 2017), the longest MRT line in Singapore and it operated by SMRT Corporation. It takes 78 minutes to travel from end to end and this line is coloured green on MRT system maps.

As the name implies, the line connects central Singapore to both western and eastern parts of the island, with an additional branch to Changi Airport from Tanah Merah. Cross-platform transfer to the North South Line is provided at Jurong East, City Hall and Raffles Place stations while transfer to the North East Line at Outram Park station is possible via a linkway. Transfer to the Circle Line at Buona Vista and Paya Lebar stations is via a underpass and linkway. The Downtown Line interchanges with the East West Line at Bugis, Tampines and Expo.

History Edit

Initial system Edit

2nd phase of development Edit

Future Extensions Edit

The East West Line Tuas West Extension is a fully elevated 8 kilometre westward extension from Joo Koon Station and comprises 4 stations and a depot near the Tuas Checkpoint. The Gul Circle station along this extension will serve as an interchange station for the future Tuas South Extension. This interchange station will have 2 island platforms and 4 tracks. The extension commences passenger service on 18 June 2017.

The East West Line Tuas South Extension is a fully elevated 6 kilometre southward extension from the easternmost station along the Tuas West Extension and comprises 2 stations. This extension will be built by 2025.

Stations Edit

Station Number Station Name Interchange
EW1Pasir Ris
EW2 / DT32Tampines Downtown Line Stage 3 (under construction)
EW4Tanah MerahEast West Line (Changi Airport Extension); cross-platform transfer available between Changi Airport-bound and both Pasir Ris-bound and Joo Koon-bound trains
EW8 / CC9Paya Lebar Circle Line
EW12 / DT14Bugis Downtown Line
EW13 / NS25City HallNorth South Line; cross-platform transfer available between Pasir Ris-bound and Marina Bay-bound trains, and between Joo Koon-bound and Jurong East-bound trains
EW14 / NS26Raffles PlaceNorth South Line; cross-platform transfer available between Pasir Ris-bound and Jurong East-bound trains, and between Joo Koon-bound and Marina Bay-bound trains
EW15Tanjong Pagar
EW16 / NE3Outram ParkNorth East Line
EW17Tiong Bahru
EW21 / CC22Buona Vista Circle Line
EW24 / NS1Jurong EastNorth South Line; cross-platform transfer available between Marina Bay-bound and both Pasir Ris-bound and Joo Koon-bound trains
EW25Chinese Garden
EW27Boon Lay
EW29Joo Koon
EW30Gul CircleFuture interchange to Tuas South extension
EW31Tuas Crescent
EW32Tuas West Road
EW33Tuas Link

Changi Airport Extension Edit

Station Number Station Name Interchange
EW4Tanah MerahInterchange; cross-platform transfer available between Changi Airport-bound and both Pasir Ris-bound and Joo Koon-bound trains
CG1/DT35ExpoDowntown Line Stage 3 (under construction)
CG2 Changi Airport

Note: SMRT have been operating the branch sector of Tanah Merah to Changi Airport as a through line from Boon Lay (Boon Lay - Changi Airport via Tanah Merah) since the opening of Changi Airport station on 2002 until July 22, 2003 due to low demands on Expo and Changi Airport that SMRT reverted this sector as shuttle service where trains from Changi Airport will terminate at Tanah Merah instead of through service where trains will terminate at Boon Lay (Joo Koon was not built back then).[1]Template:Clarification needed Similar to the through service, the interval of trains remained as 12 minutes per train.

Rolling stock Edit

File:East West Line, Singapore, Train cabin, Nov 06.JPG

Five batches of rolling stock are in service on the line, i.e. the Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151, the Siemens C651, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Nippon Sharyo C751B, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151A and the Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B. These trains operate from the three depots along the East West Line, the Ulu Pandan Depot near Jurong East MRT Station, Changi Depot after Tanah Merah MRT Station and the Tuas Depot near Tuas Link MRT Station. Some trains come from the North South Line when they cross the tracks at Jurong East to head to Pasir Ris via the East West Line on the early morning of weekdays.

Short Trip Services Edit

Short trip services operate during weekday lunchtime periods between Outram Park and Aljunied to cater to greater demand on this stretch. The service is from 12pm - 2pm.

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