Service 501 (9 buses)

HGDEP - Hougang Depot

SBS9357M SBS9563J SBS9600K 2 Volvo Olympian 3-Axle (1 Batch 1, 1 Batch 2)

SBS2666S SBS2668L SBS2670D SBS2782P SBS2783L 5 Volvo B10M Mark IV (3 Walter Alexander Strider, 2 DM3500)

SBS9689M 1 Dennis Trident 3

SBS604J 1 Volvo B10M Mark III

Service 502

HGDEP - Hougang Depot

SBS9300B SBS9358K SBS9383L SBS9537K SBS9577U SBS9596P SBS9650L SBS9651J SBS9652G 9 Volvo Olympian 3-Axle (3 Batch 1, 3 Batch 2, 3 Batch 3)

SBS948S SBS949P SBS2673X SBS2674T SBS2675R SBS2676M SBS2677K SBS2678H SBS2679E SBS2680A SBS2681Y SBS2732J SBS2733G SBS2734D 14 Volvo B10M Mark IV (2 DM, 9 Walter Alexander Strider, 3 DM3500)

SBS9676S SBS9677P 2 Dennis Trident 3

SBS9800A SBS9888Y 2 Volvo B10TL

SBS709R 1 Volvo B10M Mark III

Service 511

SBS2795C SBS2796A SBS2797Y SBS2798U 4 Volvo B10M Mark IV (DM3500)

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