SBS Service 38 fleet

SBS3647R SBS3652A SBS3656P SBS3666K SBS3679Z SBS3693G SBS3704J SBS3706D SBS3712A SBS3715C SBS3717Y SBS3718U SBS3721J 13 Scania N113CRB

SBS Service 290 fleet (till 2002)

SBS67J SBS78C SBS3640J SBS3642D SBS3643B SBS3708Z 2 Scania N113CRB (2 OAC)

SBS Service 291 fleet

SBS7206D SBS7232C SBS7238L SBS7239J SBS7280M SBS7288S SBS7291G SBS7292D SBS7293B SBS7296T

10 Volvo Olympian 2-Axle


SBS9234J SBS9242K SBS9355T 3 Volvo Olympian 3-Axle (Batch 1)

SBS8189M SBS8206Y SBS8213B SBS8214Z SBS8215X SBS8216T SBS8217R SBS8218M SBS8547M SBS8548K 10 Scania K230UB (Euro IV)

SBS57M SBS66L SBS3580Z SBS3583R SBS3632H SBS3634C SBS3708Z 1 Scania N113CRB (1 OAC)

SBS Service 292 fleet (27 buses)

SBS35B SBS43C SBS57M SBS62Y SBS70Z SBS3573S SBS3591S SBS3603S SBS3611T SBS3618A SBS3633E SBS3638S SBS3639P SBS3644Z SBS3647R SBS3648M SBS3675J SBS3699R SBS3710R SBS3713H SBS3714E SBS3718U 22 Scania N113CRB (5 OAC, 10 NAC, 6 CAC, 1 NAC/CAC)

SBS594D SBS602P SBS631E 3 Volvo B10M Mark III

SBS993K SBS996C 2 Volvo B10M Mark IV (DM)

SBS3802L 1 Mercedes-Benz O405 (NAC DM)

SBS Service 293 fleet

SBS3576L SBS3580Z SBS3581 SBS3710R SBS3712K SBS3715C SBS3717Y SBS3718U SBS3721J Scania N113CRB

SBS8214Z SBS8219K SBS8221C SBS8222A SBS8225S SBS8227L SBS8549K SBS8878H 8 Scania K230UB (7 Euro IV, 1 Euro V)

SBS Service 294 fleet

SBS46U SBS3628X SBS3644Z SBS3718U SBS3719S 3 Scania N113CRB (1 OAC, 2 CAC)

Italics - NAC Bus/Past NAC Deployments Bold - Current Deployments Underline - CAC Bus

Route 34Edit

7 Scania N113CRB (4 OAC, 3 CAC)

Route 220Edit

SBS67J SBS3589A SBS3643B SBS3711M SBS3712K SBS3715C SBS3717Y SBS3718U 8 Scania N113CRB (1 OAC, 1 NAC, 6 CAC)

Route 290Edit

SBS3579D SBS3597B SBS3607G SBS3629T SBS3704J SBS3705G
6 Scania N113CRB (4 NAC, 2 CAC)

Route 294Edit

SBS46U SBS3573U SBS3593L SBS3634C SBS3685E SBS3719S
6 Scania N113CRB (1 OAC, 3 NAC, 2 CAC)

Route 357Edit

SBS56R SBS3610X SBS3628X SBS3641G SBS3642D SBS3648M SBS3649K SBS3667K
8 Scania N113CRB (1 OAC, 1 NAC, 6 CAC)

1 Volvo B10M Mark III

Former Deployments

Service 153 (23 buses)Edit

SBS7093L SBS7094J SBS7095G SBS7096D SBS7097B SBS7098Z SBS7099X

7 Mercedes-Benz O305

SBS3562B SBS3563Z SBS3564X SBS3565T SBS3566R SBS6975Z SBS6976C SBS6977T SBS6978R SBS6979M SBS6980H SBS6981E SBS6982C SBS6983A SBS6984Y SBS6985U
16 Leyland Olympian 2-Axle

==Service 154 (14 buses) · Hougang Depot · SBS2583Y SBS2584U SBS2585S SBS2586P SBS2587L SBS2588J SBS2589G SBS2590B SBS2591Z SBS2592X
10 Mercedes-Benz O305 · Jurong Depot · SBS7155S SBS7156P SBS7157L SBS7158J
4 Leyland Olympian 2-Axle

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