The beginning of a whole new rapid system in 2008

In 2007, the government of Harbourvale City was convinced that they needed a new metro rapid system. The roads were becoming increasingly congested and citizens complained of the terrible air quality. Thus, the government saw the need of a straight line linking the northern part of the city to the CBD. As a result, the Harbourvale Line began construction and was completed in 2008. The line was a one-track system, due to space constraints and several other problems.

Harbourvale Line 2008

HCRT [Harbourvale City Rapid Transit] (then HRT) was allowed to operate the Harbourvale Line using DMUs at that time. However, due to increasing congestion, the Harbourvale Line was rebuilt in late 2008 in order to allow for construction for more houses.

Harbourvale Line late 2008

In late 2008, sections of now unused tracks were abandoned and new tracks were laid to change the direction of the line. Generally, the line did not change much. Several old platforms were still utilised.

Harbourvale Airport Express Line (now Airport Express Line)

After the opening of the new small airport, a short line was needed to connect the airport to the rest of the rapid transit system. As a result, the HAEL was constructed. Train services ran from the Airport and terminated at Chinatown. It was a branch line.

Harbourvale Line 2009

Increasing population in the southern area of Harbourvale City forced the government to extend the line from Square Quays to Blackton Junction. Many services terminated at Square Quays and turned back to serve the southern part of the line. Ridership increased too.

2010 MAP


Harbourvale Line 2010

In early 2010, the government decided to tear down the whole line one last time and rebuild it again. This was to allow for construction of elevated sections to allow for more "open" stations. The government also allowed more special stations to be built. The designs of the stations were now more diverse and unique. The line began to operate fully again in May 2010. Though this line was the only line operating in HBV City, interchange details were made into the announcements to allow for other lines.

Airport Express Line 2010

The airport in the northern district was demolished and a new larger airport was built in East Harbour. The new line Airport Express Line was thus built to connect the airport to the rest of the system. Construction is completed and the line is open to the public. HCRT was awarded the line's tender.

Blackton Line

As the eastern and western parts of the city grew, the government announced the Blackton Line to be built and operated by HCRT. Completion dates are unknown.

Evergreen Fields Line

Although HCRT was supposed to begin operations on this line by 2008, the line was abandoned due to flaws in signalling and the land that the line was built on sank tremendously. HLRT (Harbourvale Light Rail Transport) bidded for the new line and won the bid originally, but due to financial problems (in reality, it's lack of time.), the line was given up to HCRT. Construction has temporarily stopped.

Coastal Sands Line

As there was a "blank spot" between City Line and Airport Express Line, the Coastal Sands Line was supposed to help passengers get from Coney Island (Yes, you heard it. It's called Coney Island) to East Harbour quicker. HMRT was awarded the line's tender. Construction is still ongoing.

Kegstone Line

There was not much a need to build this line, until Caroye began tremendous developement. HCRT was awarded this line's tender. Construction has started. WTC is the official contractor of the line.

North West Line

This line was supposed to serve the western district of the city, allowing an alternative for passengers to transfer to the KS, BL and LR lines. HLRT was awarded the line's tender originally, but due to financial problems (refer to above for the phrase meaning), the line was given up to HCRT. Construction is ongoing.

City Line

Much like the Circle Line in Singapore, this line is basically... a circle. However, due to underdevelopement in several areas of the coastal areas, this line was delayed. HLRT eventually won the bid.

LRT Lines

District LRT Line

Not to be confused with Harbourvale City Light Rail

Due to the high population in Evergreen Fields and Lakeview, a light rail line was planned to serve the estates around the MRT stations. Thus, this line serves as a link between the HBV Line and NWL. HRTA originally received the line's tender, but due to financial problems, the line was given up to HCRT.

This line was originally called the Light Rail Line as it was intended to be the only light rail line in Harbourvale City, but eventually due to change of plans, the line was renamed to the District LRT Line.

Harbourvale City Light Rail

Not to be confused with Light Rail Line

As the lines serving the CBD of Harbourvale are not enough to cope with the high demands of passengers, a light rail line in the CBD was planned. Starting at Kegstone and ending at Monument, this line brings commuters closer to the places they want to go. NRTC received this line's tender. Construction for this line is ongoing.

Resort Island Line

An island off the shores of Harbourvale City has become a tourist attraction. Currently people need to travel here by boat, but by 2011(reality), a new line would connect(in reality, it's released) both places to allow passengers another alternative to travelling. Tendering for this line has not taken place.


Trains running on the above mentioned lines used SMRT spare trains to run the services. However, this often proved unreliable due to the fact that some trains are not in revenue service for repairs in depots. Finally, after numerous complaints on the lack of trains, a tender was listed out, and the C100A was born. Its specifications and design was provided by the Harbourvale government.


The first of its kind, the C100A is the very first train to be built specially for Harbourvale City. With an orange stripe running through the whole length of the train, the train will run on the Harbourvale Line. The seats are all the HCRT's livery, with orange being the front and back carriages seats' colour, red being the second and fifth carriages seats' colour and black being the two middle carriages seats' colour. 23 trainsets were purchased and is currently using ATS. ATO is still being implemented on the train. More details will be revealed soon.


HCRT = Nickgoh's company

HRTA = Nickgoh's friend's company (Name not revealed for privacy reasons)

HMRT = Zhi Hao's company

NRTC = JoeyFoo's company

New map as of 2011:[2]

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