OpenBVE Woodbridge City Lines


1. North South Xpress(NSX) (LRT Line)

The North South Xpress was previously named North South Line but in Singapore, there is already an MRT line named as this, therfore it is now known as the North Xpress Line. The North Xpress Line was built because the pollution from cars, trucks, airplanes and buses has already exceeded its maximum limit. Therefore, the North South Xpress was introduced.

2.North East Xpress(NEX)(LRT Line)(Not to be confused with NEX serangoon Shopping Centre)

Built by RDRT.

To be using WTTA312 from WTTA temporarily when it starts operation ,more details to be announced today.


1. Woodbridge - Graham Island Xpress

16 November 2010 System Map of Woodbridge Island Transit

21November2010(Not up to date)




NRTC312 trainsets were borrowed from NRTC for use on the North South Xpress temporarily due to late delivery of trainsets.

A one trainset display in the WLTA Gallery

WTTA312 (Previously known as C312 or WLRT312)

WTTA312 is ordered by Was ordered by WLTA for WLRT on the North South Xpress

A one trainset display in the WLTA Gallery


WTTA(Woodbridge Train transport Authority)(Previously known as WLRT) = Boylush's company

RDRT = AlertedZameer's Company

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