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[[A C151A train entering Ang Mo Kio station during a test run on 4/3/2011.|250px]]
A C151A train entering Ang Mo Kio station during a test run on 4/3/2011.

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The Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151A is the fourth generation of rolling stock to be used on the North South and East West MRT Lines.

This additional batch of train, together with a new track and platform at Jurong East Interchange, will increase the capacity of both lines by 15%.[1]

On May 6, 2009, LTA announced that Kawasaki Heavy Industries and CSR Sifang Locomotive had won over Hyundai Rotem, Bombardier Transportation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to secure the contract at a cost of S$369 million. This was despite Hyundai Rotem offering the lowest bid at S$323 million. CSR Sifang would handle the manufacture and testing of the rolling stock, while Kawasaki oversees the project and design. The C151A was the first successful joint venture between these two companies in the international market. These new trains are currently being brought into Singapore, with one already under test.[2]

SMRT Active Route Map Information SystemEdit

C151As went into service with STARIS installed.

Trainset numbersEdit

The car numbers of the trains range from x501 to x570, where x depends on the carriage type.

  • The first digit depends upon whether the car is the first, second or third car from the end of the train it is nearer to, where the first car has a 3, the second has a 1 and the third has a 2.
  • The other 3 digits is the train identification number. A full length train of 6 cars have 2 different identification number, one for the first 3 cars, and the same number plus 1, for the other three. The smaller number is always at the front.
    • For example, train 569/570 would consist of 6 cars with serial number 3569, 1569, 2569, 2570, 1570 and 3570 respectively.
  • Depending on the direction of travel, the sequence may be reversed.


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