MRT Shuttle - Bedok Edit

TIB572Z (AMDEP 969)
TIB618B (AMDEP 857)
One Unknown Merc from AMDEP
3 Mercedes-Benz O405 (3 Hispano OAC)

MRT Shuttle - Sengkang & PunggolEdit

Unknown bus from WLDEP
One bus from Tampines shuttle

Most likely PA2063K will do this service during lunchtime.

MRT Shuttle - Tampines Edit

TIB492X (KJDEP 700)
TIB554B (KJDEP 188)
4 Mercedes-Benz O405 (4 Hispano OAC)

Notes Edit

  • Any other spare WLDEP Mercedes-Benz O405 or a Dennis Lance 245 will supplement the IKEA Shuttle from Pasir Ris MRT Station.

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