SBS83LR (Former SLBP 79)
SBS85GR (Former AMDEP 125)
SBS86DR (Former BRBP 155)
SBS87BR (Former SLBP SP)
SBS88ZR (Former SLBP 243G)
SBS89XR (Former SLBP 334)
SBS91MR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS92KR (Former SLBP 181)
SBS94ER (Former BRBP 139)
SBS95CR (Former BRBP 94/31)
SBS96AR (Former SLBP 192/194)
SBS97YR (Former AMDEP 186)
SBS98UR (Former SLBP SP)
SBS100XR (Former AMDEP 45)
SBS101TR (Former SLBP 185)
SBS102RR (Former BRBP 155)
SBS103M (Former AMDEP 410)
SBS104KR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS105HR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS106ER (Former BRBP 145)
SBS107CR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS108A (Former BRBP 145)
SBS109YR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS110SR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS111PR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS112LR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS113J (Former SLBP 242)
SBS114GR (Former AMDEP 400/125)
SBS115DR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS116BR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS117ZR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS118XR (Former AMDEP 54)
SBS119TR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS120MR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS121KR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS122HR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS123ER (Former BRBP 145)
SBS124CR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS125AR (Former BRBP 63)
SBS126YR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS127UR (Former BRBP 94/139)
SBS128SR (Former SLBP SP)
SBS129PR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS130JR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS131GR (Former BRBP 28)
SBS132D (Former SLBP SP)
SBS133BR (Former AMDEP 136)
SBS134ZR (Former BRBP 154)
SBS135XR (Former AMDEP 55)
SBS136TR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS137RR (Former SLBP 240)
SBS138M (Converted into "Drug Busters Bus" YM4009K; Former AMDEP SP)
SBS139KR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS140ER (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS141CR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS142AR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS143YR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS144UR (Former AMDEP 54)
SBS145SR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS146PR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS147LR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS148JR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS149GR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS150BR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS151ZR (Former AMDEP 58)
SBS152XR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS153TR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS154RR (Former AMDEP 58)
SBS155MR (Former SLBP 333)
SBS156KR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS157HR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS158ER (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS159CR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS160YR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS161UR (Former BRBP 63)
SBS162SR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS163PR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS164LR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS165JR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS166GR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS167DR (Former SLBP 334)
SBS168BR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS169ZR (Former SLBP 334)
SBS170TR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS171RR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS172MR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS173KR (Former BRBP 155)
SBS174HR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS175ER (Former SLBP SP)
SBS176CR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS177AR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS178YR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS179UR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS180PR (Former SLBP 182)
SBS181LR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS182JR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS183GR (Former SLBP 334)
SBS184DR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS185BR (Former SLBP 240)
SBS186ZR (Former SLBP 79)
SBS187XR (Former SLBP 333)
SBS188T (Former SLBP 78)
SBS189RR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS190KR (Former SLBP SP)
SBS191HR (Former SLBP SP)
SBS192ER (Former AMDEP 25)
SBS193CR (Former SLBP 181)
SBS194AR (Former AMDEP 125)
SBS195YR (Former BRBP 31)
SBS196UR (Former AMDEP 125)
SBS197SR (Former AMDEP 186)
SBS198PR (Former BRBP 31)
SBS199LR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS200RR (Former BRBP 155)
SBS201MR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS202KR (Former SLBP 79)
SBS203H (Former SLBP 193)
SBS204ER (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS205CR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS206AR (Former AMDEP 59)
SBS207YR (Former BRBP 155)
SBS208UR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS209SR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS211JR (Former BRBP 31)
SBS212GR (Former AMDEP 22)
SBS213DR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS214BR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS215ZR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS216XR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS217T (Former AMDEP 57)
SBS218RR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS219M (Former SLBP 174)
SBS220HR (Former BRBP 145)
SBS221ER (Former BRBP SP)
SBS222CR (Former AMDEP 58)
SBS223AR (Former SLBP 66)
SBS224YR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS225UR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS226SR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS227PR (Former SLBP 174)
SBS228LR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS229JR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS230DR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS231BR (Former SLBP 335)
SBS232ZR (Former AMDEP 73)
SBS233X (Former AMDEP 133)
SBS234TR (Former SLBP 334)
SBS235R (Former AMDEP 59)
SBS236M (Former SLBP 174)
SBS237KR (Former SLBP 183)
SBS238H (Former AMDEP 136)
SBS239E (Former BRBP 8)
SBS240A (Former AMDEP 410)
SBS241YR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS242U (Former BRBP 232)
SBS243S (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS244PR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS245LR (Former AMDEP 57)
SBS246J (Former BRBP 63)
SBS247G (Former BRBP 145)
SBS248DR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS249B (Former BRBP SP)
SBS250X (Former BRBP 139)
SBS251T (Former SLBP SP)
SBS252R (Former SLBP 105)
SBS253M (Former SLBP SP)
SBS254K (Former AMDEP 73)
SBS255H (Former AMDEP 138)
SBS256ER (Former SLBP 79)
SBS257C (Former BRBP SP)
SBS258A (Former AMDEP 59)
SBS259Y (Former BRBP SP)
SBS260SR (Former SLBP 79)
SBS261P (Former AMDEP 410)
SBS262L (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS263J (Former AMDEP 58)
SBS264G (Former SLBP 334)
SBS265D (Former SLBP 154)
SBS266B (Former BRBP SP)
SBS267Z (Former BRBP SP)
SBS268X (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS269T (Former BRBP SP)
SBS270M (Former BRBP SP)
SBS271KR (Former AMDEP SP)
SBS272HR (Former BRBP 139)
SBS273ER (Former AMDEP 261)
SBS274C (Former BRBP SP)
SBS275A (Former AMDEP 24)
SBS276Y (Former SLBP SP)
SBS277UR (Former AMDEP 265)
SBS278SR (Former BRBP SP)
SBS279PR (Former SLBP 335)
SBS280JR (Former AMDEP 186)
SBS281G (Former AMDEP 136)


  • R - Buses that were officially lay up or de-registered after 2 years of lifespan extension due to refurbishment.

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