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The Sengkang LRT Line is a 10.7 km light rail line which partly opened on 18 January 2003. It is the second LRT system in Singapore and is fully automated and currently operated by SBS Transit. The line uses the Crystal Mover rolling stock supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This line connects the residential districts and suburbs of Sengkang to the Sengkang Town Centre, which is also served by the North East Line and the Sengkang Bus Interchange.


  • January 18, 2003: East Loop
  • January 29, 2005: West Loop (except SW1-3)
  • November 15, 2007: SW2 Farmway


Station Number Station Name Interchange
STC / NE16SengkangNorth East Line
East Loop
West Loop
SW1Cheng Lim (not in operation) 
SW3Kupang (not in operation) 


Trains on the Sengkang LRT ply either one of the two loops, the East loop or the West loop. Trains serving the East loop are bi-directional, meaning that passengers can travel either way to get to their destination station on the East Loop. However for the West Loop, trains only ply in one direction. From start of service till 3 p.m., trains will ply the West Loop via Cheng Lim first, to cater to residents who need to transfer to Sengkang MRT Station to get to work. After 3 p.m., trains will go in reverse direction, via Renjong first, so that residents can get home faster. This will be changed after 4 January 2010 where during weekdays on peak hours, West loop will ply on both directions.[1]


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