Route 414Edit

The route 414 begun in late 2004 from Tampines Stadium to SAFRA Tampines which was contracted to First Group which is outstationed from Blk 140 garage. On 2005, it was extended to Blk 931 via route 94. Later, in 2007 it was diverted to The Premiere (Blk 515).

Route 452Edit

The route 452 began on 7 October 2008 from Blk 863 to Blk 936 and was contracted to Travel London operating from Blk 137 garage. It has been argued that the bus decided to extend to Blk 137 for the southbound extension if problem permits, these should hand over the route to First London or Metroline.

Route N89Edit

The route N89 was introduced in 2005, replacing the route N81 which ran between Blk 201 and Blk 151. The original route N81 was started in 1997 replacing route N72 (Blk 151 - Changi Village) and NX1 (Express Sembawang - TPS Tampines), then it was further cut back in 2002 to Blk 201. Meanwhile, there's also N53 between Tampines JC, to Tampines Primary. In 2005, the route N53 shortened to terminate at Blk 293 and at Ashford, and the route N81 was extended to Tampines JC, renumbering it to N89.

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