SBS TransitEdit

Mercedes-Benz O405 (DM CAC)Edit

PA1586A → SBS3723D
PA1590L → SBS3724B
PA1592G → SBS3725Z
PA1593D → SBS3726X
PA1596X → SBS3727T
PA1597T → SBS3728R
PA1598R → SBS3729M
PA1599M → SBS3730H
PA1600S → SBS3731E
PA1601P → SBS3732C
PA1631C → SBS3733A
PA1634U → SBS3734Y
PA1635S → SBS3735U
PA1636P → SBS3736S
PA1637L → SBS3737P
PA1638J → SBS3738L
PA1639G → SBS3754P
PA1640B → SBS3740D
PA1641Z → SBS3743X
PA1642X → SBS3744T
PA1643T → SBS3745R
PA1644R → SBS3753S
PA1646K → SBS3749E
PA1647H → SBS3746M

Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV Soon Chow)Edit

SH951M → SBS8019X
SH952K → PA4697T
SH953H → SBS8020R
SH954E → PA4696X
SH955C → SBS8021M
SH956A → SBS8022K
SH957Y → PA4694B
SH958U → SBS8023H
SH959S → PA4693D
SH960L → SBS8024E
SH961J → SBS8025C
SH962G → PA4691J
SH963D → PA4689Y
SH964B → SBS8026A
SH965Z → PA4688U
SH966X → SBS8027Y
SH967T → PA4686A
SH968R → SBS8028U
SH969M→ PA4684E
SH970H → PA4682K

SMRT BusesEdit

Nissan Diesel U31RCNEdit

CSS197E → TIB1248D
CSS199A → TIB1249B
CSS201B → TIB1250X
CSS202Z → TIB1251T
CSS206M → TIB1252R
CSS208H → TIB1253M
CSS209E → TIB1254K
CSS210A → TIB1255H
CSS211Y → TIB1256E

Dennis Lance 245Edit

CSS310U → TIB1257C

De-registered BusesEdit

Scania L113CRL (PSV Soon Chow)Edit

SH971E → PA840Y
SH972C → PA841U
SH973A → PA842S
SH974Y → PA846G
SH975U → PA903A
SH976S → PA904Y
SH977P → PA907P
SH978L → PA908L
SH979J → PA912Z
SH980D → PA915R
SH981B → PA918H
SH982Z → PA919E

Mercedes-Benz O405 (WA)Edit

SBS138M → YM4009K (Drug Busters Bus)

Mercedes-Benz O405 (DM)Edit

SBS468K → XD2037B (NLB Molly Bus)

Volvo B10M Mark IIEdit

SBS1793P → YK5257P (Magic Bus)

Volvo Olympian 2-AxleEdit

SBS7297R → YM6115Z (MILK Bus)

Volvo Olympian 3-Axle (Batch 1)Edit

SBS9245C → XB9695R (EpBus, Heartware Network)


  • PA-plated Mercedes Benz O405 (DM CAC) buses were subsequently reverted to their original SBS registration numbers after the withdrawal of Jurong Island Services.
  • Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV Soon Chow) buses were previously deployed on Sentosa Services.
  • Scania L113CRL (PSV Soon Chow) buses were previously deployed on Airbus Services but all of them were subsequently de-registered. However, some of this model were bought by private bus companies.
  • The Volvo B10M Mk II, SBS1793P, was converted into Magic Bus Project by Raffles Girls' School in 2000. It was registered as YK5257P but it was subsequently de-registered in 2001.
  • Not all of the Nissan Diesel U31RCN (currently in SMRT fleet) were registered into TIB registration numbers. They still have the CSS registration numbers in the SMRT Buses fleet.

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