Jln Kayu < > Buona Vista via Outram Rd, Tiong Bahru Rd and Margaret Dr

1993: Shortened to [b]New Bridge Rd < > Jalan Kayu[/b] with the amendments of Services 5 and 32

1995: Handed to Trans Island

1999: Handed back to SBS Transit in 1999

15 July 2001: Amended to ply Yio Chu Kang Road and Boundary Rd instead of Yio Chu Kang Link due to upgrading of the junction of Boundary Road and Upp Serangoon Road into a multi-tier flyover

7 Dec 2003: Shortened to Serangoon Interchange and merged with services 378 and 379, under NEL rationalisation phase 3 103 was merged with Service 378 while 103W was merged with Service 379. Serves Serangoon Central, Yio Chu Kang Road, Jalan Kayu, Picadilly Road/West Camp Road

1 July 2007: Bus Stop 68071(before East Camp Gate) is relocated & Bus Stop 68079(after East Camp Gate) is abolished along Piccadilly Road

28 Jan 2008: Service 103W Renumbered to Service 103M 13 Feb 2011:

Service 103M will [b]merge[/b] with Service 103.

Bus Stop 68071 - Before East Camp Gate (Piccadilly) will be abolished. Bus Stop 68099 & 68091, 68101 & 68109 will be moved from West Camp Road to Seletar Aerospace Drive.

The new Service 103 will serve 14 new bus stops: B/S 68091 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, After Baker Street B/S 68101 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, Rolls Royce Pte Ltd B/S 68121 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, Before West Camp Road B/S 68161 - West Camp Road, Seletar West Camp Gate 3 B/S 68131 - West Camp Road, Opposite Singapore Youth Flying Club B/S 68141 - West Camp Road, Opposite Seletar Airport B/S 68151 - West Camp Road, Before ST Airport Services (Loop) B/S 68159 - West Camp Road, Opposite ST Airport Services B/S 68149 - West Camp Road, Seletar Airport B/S 68139 - West Camp Road, Youth Flying Club B/S 68169 - West Camp Road, Opposite Seletar West Camp Gate 3 B/S 68129 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, After West Camp Road B/S 68109 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, Opposite Rolls Royce Pte Ltd B/S 68099 - Seletar Aerospace Drive, Before Baker Street

Service hours of Service 103 remains unchanged.

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