Operator SBS Transit
Depot(s) Soon Lee Bus Park
Braddell Bus Park
Fleet Leyland Olympian 3-Axle
Volvo B9TL
Volvo B10TL

Scania K230UB
Route Details
Start Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
End Jurong East Bus Interchange
Via Orchard Rd
New Bridge Rd
Telok Blangah Rd
Pasir Panjang Rd
West Coast Rd
Frequency 9 - 11 minutes
WAB Availability Yes 20px
Short Service Trips
143A Jurong East Interchange to Teban Gardens Road (Before Hasanah Mosque)

SBS Transit Service 143 is one of Singapore's pioneer trunk bus services introduced in the 1960s, plying between Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and Jurong East Bus Interchange, and was the second service in Singapore to use double-deck air conditioned buses in Singapore in 1993 with a total of 11 units (SBS9010M - SBS9021G).

This service is catered to provide links for Toa Payoh, West Coast, Teban and Pandan Gardens residents to and from Orchard, Chinatown and HarbourFront.

Tourists often use this bus service to get to and from hotels, tourist attractions and shopping districts located at Orchard, Chinatown, HarbourFront and Haw Par Villa. It also ferries workers along Pasir Panjang to and from HarbourFront to transfer to the MRT. Buses operated under this service are deployed from Soon Lee Bus Park and Braddell Bus Park.

It currently uses majority of new buses with Scania K230UBs and Volvo B9TLs and several old Leyland Olympians. Right now, it has 25 double-deckers in its fleet due to it being a cashcow service.


  • 11 Apr 1971: Service 143 was introduced as a Toa Payoh to Jurong Rd 10 ms Market Service. This service was introduced in conjunction of the 1971 Bus Reorganisation Plan and it was under STC.
  • End-1971: When STC was shut down, it was handed over to ABS before the merger and the formation of SBS in 1973.
  • 1981: Completion of the former Jurong Bus Terminal at Penjuru Road. Service 143 was amended to call from Penjuru Road (Jurong Depot).
  • 1995: Service 143 was re-routed to Teban Garden Bus Terminal. 4 stops were skipped.
  • 1998: On 31 May, Service 143 re-routed to Toa Payoh Temp Bus Interchange due to the construction of HDB Hub and the air-conditioned Bus Interchange.
  • 1999: Allocation was transferred from Ang Mo Kio bus depot to Braddell bus depot during the SBS / TIBS handovers.
  • May 2002: Service 143 re-routed to Jurong East Bus Interchange along with the amendment of Service 78 and 79. 4 bus stops in total, along West Coast Road and Penjuru Road were skipped and the current Jurong Town Hall stretch was added in, at that time, to Jurong East Bus Interchange. The Pandan Gardens portion was cut off.
  • 2002: Service 143 route was amended to ply Pandan Gardens again.
  • 2005: Service 143 added an additional route, Service 143A terminating at Teban Gardens after 2330 hours. The route was amended too. For now, Jurong East bound buses enter Teban Gardens Rd by West Coast Road while Toa Payoh bound buses enter Teban Gardens Road via Jurong Town Hall Road instead of vice-versa. [1]
  • 2007: Service 143 became a Wheelchair-Accessible Bus (WAB) service (Logo: 20px) on 17 December 2007.

Service detailsEdit

  • First Bus
    • Weekdays: 0530HRS
    • Saturdays: 0530HRS
    • Sundays & Public Holidays: 0545HRS
  • Last Bus
    • Weekdays: 2330HRS
    • Saturdays: 2400HRS
    • Sundays & Public Holidays: 2330HRS
  • First Bus
    • Weekdays: 0525HRS
    • Saturdays: 0525HRS
    • Sundays & Public Holidays: 0545HRS
  • Last Bus
    • Weekdays: 0020HRS
    • Saturdays: 0020HRS
    • Sundays & Public Holidays: 0020HRS

Note: Buses leaving Jurong East Interchange from 2340HRS to 0020HRS will terminate at Teban Gardens Rd (Before Hasanah Mosque) on Weekdays, Sundays & PHs and from 0010HRS and 0020HRS on Saturdays.

Bus fleetEdit


Total: 25 - 29 Buses; WAB 20px

  • Soon Lee Bus Park (23 - 27 Buses)

SBS8441J SBS8893M SBS8894K SBS8982P
4 Scania K230UB (1 Batch 2 Euro IV / 3 Euro V)

SBS9060T SBS9122Z SBS9164C SBS9165A
4 Leyland Olympian 3-Axle

SBS7310K SBS7361M SBS7451L SBS7456Z SBS7457X SBS7458T SBS7460K SBS7462E SBS7469L SBS7470G SBS7471D SBS7473Z SBS7474X SBS7480C SBS7482Y SBS7489D SBS7493R SBS7529Y SBS7530S
19 Volvo B9TL (17 ComfortDelgro Engineering-bodied / 2 Wright)

  • Braddell Bus Park (2 Buses)

1 Leyland Olympian 3-Axle

1 Volvo B10TL (Volvo Super Olympian)


  • SBS8893M, SBS8894K & SBS8982P will crossover to Service 93 during the Weekday AM Peak.
  • SBS7530S will crossover to Premium 543 during the Weekday AM Peak.
  • Weekdays: Soon Lee 20AM-20PM / 7S; Braddell 2AM-2PM (29 buses)
  • Saturdays: Soon Lee 18AM-23PM / 3T; Braddell 1AM-2PM (28 buses)
  • Sundays: Soon Lee 14AM-17PM / 5T; Braddell 2AM-2PM (22 buses)


The service passes through. [2]


External linksEdit

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