DAF SB220 (Walter Alexander Setanta)Edit

TIB675K (Former KJDEP 175)
TIB680U (Former KJDEP 175)
TIB696A (Former KJDEP 927)
TIB718X (Former KJDEP 175)
TIB724C (Former KJDEP 175)

Dennis Lance 245 (UMW)Edit

TIB931X (Former AMDEP 169)
TIB936H (Former AMDEP 169)
TIB941S (Former AMDEP 853)

Dennis Lance 245 (UK)Edit

TIB1004R (Former AMDEP 980)

Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK1)

TIB900K (Former KJDEP 67)

Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit)Edit

TIB1110S (Former WLDEP 903)

Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander Strider)Edit

TIB643C (Former WLDEP 961)

Scania L113CRL (ELBO)Edit

TIB833X (Former WLDEP 961)
TIB834T (Former WLDEP 187)
TIB835R (Former KJDEP 970)
TIB836M (Former WLDEP 852)
TIB839E (Former WLDEP 852)
TIB843S (Former WLDEP 187)
TIB845L (Former KJDEP 700)

Nissan Diesel U31RCN (Fuji Heavy Industries)Edit

Original Air-ConEdit

CSS178K (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS179H (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS180C (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS181A (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS182Y (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS183U (Former WLDEP SP)
CSS184S (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS186L (Former KJDEP TRG)
CSS187J (Former WLDEP 852)
TIB364H (Former AMDEP SP)
TIB367A (Former WLDEP 981)
TIB368Y (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB369U (Former WLDEP 981)
TIB370P (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB371L (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB372J (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB373G (Former WLDEP SP)
TIB374D (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB375B (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB376Z (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB377X (Former AMDEP SP)

Converted Air-ConEdit

CSS188G (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS189D (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS190Z (Former WLDEP SP)
CSS191X (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS192T (Former WLDEP SP/187)
CSS193R (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS195K (Former KJDEP 975)
CSS198C (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS200D (Former WLDEP 852)
CSS203X (Former WLDEP SP)
TIB1248D (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1249B (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1250X (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1251T (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1252R (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1253M (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1254K (Former WLDEP 178)
TIB1256E (Former AMDEP 853)

Yutong ZK6126Edit

SMB135E (Non-user Lay-Up Status till 01 Apr 2011; Former AMDEP/YIBP 854)

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