File:1173643 592377400828780 641171064 n.jpg
File:10298093 732914043441781 3378341033977066731 o.jpg
File:1978781 652513261470329 8937603828304053250.jpg


Operator(s) Template:SBS Transit
Demonstrator Production batch
Registration no. SBS8033D SBS8034B - SBS8131D, SBS8138K & SBS8888D
Vehicle make Scania
Vehicle manufacturer
Vehicle model K230UB 8.9 AUTO ABS TURBO 2WD K230UB
Vehicle body structure system Alcan EcoRange
Vehicle bodywork Gemilang Coachwork
Vehicle bodywork assemblers ComfortDelGro Engineering (99) / Gemilang Coachwork (2)
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 101
Year 2006 & 2007
Period of registration 19 Oct 2007 - 27 Dec 2007
Passenger capacity Seating: 29
Standing: 58
Wheelchair bay: 2
Total: 87
Engine model Scania DC9 16 230
Engine capacity 8867 cc
Emission standard Euro IV
Transmission model ZF Ecomat II 6HP 502C
Power/torque 230 hp (169 kW) @ 1800 rpm / 1050 Nm @ 1100 - 1500 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
Braking system Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Door Brakes
Exhaust system Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Technology
Air-con model Carrier Sütrak AC 353 Denso LD8i (original)
Denso LD8u
EDS model Shanghai CanRun Electron Tech KLHP-7B1-2 (Branded as Cool-Air)
EDS Controller model Shanghai CanRun Electron Tech KLXKQ (Branded as Cool-Air)
Seat model Vogelsitze System 400 Vogelsitze System 750/3
Vogelsitze System 601 (Wheel arch seat)
Door model SMC Transit
Additional features Additional rear CCTV camera (SBS8045U, SBS8046S, SBS8073M, SBS8094C, SBS8100T, SBS8103K, SBS8111L, SBS8124A, SBS8125Y, SBS8138K)
Bus announcement system (SBS8047P, SBS8055R)
Mobileye 560 Advanced Driver Assistance System (SBS8035Z - SBS8037T, SBS8040H, SBS8049J, SBS8064P, SBS8071T, SBS8077C, SBS8080S, SBS8087Z, SBS8096Y, SBS8097U, SBS8100T, SBS8102M, SBS8111L, SBS8118T)



Registration no. Service Advertisement
SBS8033D HGDEP TRG Template:N/A

Production batchEdit

SBS8034B - SBS8131D, SBS8138K & SBS8888DEdit

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SBS8034B SLBP 174 Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Limited - Hoe Hin Strain Relief Oil 和興活络油: Made In Hong Kong. Use For Muscle Ache & Pain, Dispel Wind.
SBS8035Z SLBP SP Template:N/A
SBS8036X BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8037T ARBP 191 Electrolux S.E.A - Electrolux Ovens: Turn Taste Up. Trusted In Europe For Nearly 100 Years. Cook Precisely With 100 Auto Cook Menu With UltraFanPlus. +65 6727 3699. (4th Gen: Dark Blue & Orange)
SBS8038R ARBP 123M Template:N/A
SBS8039M BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8040H BBDEP 196 Malaysia Dairy Industries (MDI) - MARIGOLD • For Health, For Life - MARIGOLD Asian Drinks: Traditional Goodness Is Best Shared. New Look! Featured Drinks - MARIGOLD Lychee Drink, MARIGOLD Winter Melon Drink, MARIGOLD Chrysanthemum Drink, MARIGOLD Soya Bean Drink, MARIGOLD Lemon Barley Mixed Drink & MARIGOLD Longan Red Dates Mixed Drink. (Pink)
SBS8041E SLBP 157 Mundipharma Singapore - BETADINE Family Care Products: Professionals Choose BETADINE. BETADINE - Official Healthcare Product Provider Of Manchester City Football Club. (L: BETADINE Kills Bacteria That Cause Sore Throats. R: BETADINE Antiseptic Now Comes In A Spray.)
SBS8042C SLBP 506 BL: IKEA Singapore - IKEA Chinese New Year Special Deals: Have An Au-spacious New Year! BESTA TV Storage Combination / Glass Doors @ $655. (6th Gen: White)
SBS8043A BBDEP 10 Dairy Farm International (Singapore) - Giant Hypermarkets & Supermarkets - Giant WOW Deals For Chinese New Year • 爱上Giant过肥年: 鸡年优惠多, 买年货省更多! Check Out For More Promotions.
SBS8044Y ARBP 195 Template:N/A
SBS8045U BBDEP 33 Template:N/A
SBS8046S BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8047P SLBP 246 SK Jewellery Pte Ltd - SK Jewellery 999 Pure Gold Bridal Collection 纯金囍饰: The Hallmark Of Pure Gold. More To Be Loved, Cherished And Passed On For Generations. Facebook - SKJewellerySG. Instagram - SKJewellery.
SBS8048L SLBP 174 Template:N/A
SBS8049J BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8050D BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8051B ARBP 272 Template:N/A
SBS8052Z BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8053X BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8054T ARBP 123 Template:N/A
SBS8055R SLBP 174 SK Jewellery Pte Ltd - SK Jewellery 999 Pure Gold Bridal Collection 纯金囍饰: The Hallmark Of Pure Gold. More To Be Loved, Cherished And Passed On For Generations. Facebook - SKJewellerySG. Instagram - SKJewellery.
SBS8056M SLBP 181 Template:N/A
SBS8057K BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8058H ARBP 93 2T: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) Singapore - Maybank SME Banking BizMortgage Plus: Need Extra Funds? Get Up To 120% Financing For Property. Optimise Property Values By Up To 120%. Term Loan Or Overdraft For Working Capital Available. Convenience Of A Single Application. 1800-777-0022.
SBS8059E BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8060A BBDEP 33 Template:N/A
SBS8061Y ARBP 16 Q&N Pte Ltd - Q&N Nutrition 全能 Nutritional Products: Our Family's Preferred Choice! 6745 0321. Featured Products - Q&N Cool Man Tablets, Q&N Cool Beauty Capsules, Q&N Bone Essential Tablets, Q&N Omega Tree Capsules, Q&N Metabo-Care Tablets. (Feat. Zheng Geping 郑各评, Hong Huifang 洪慧芳 & Family)
SBS8062U BBDEP 165 Template:N/A
SBS8063S ARBP 123 Fitbit Inc - Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker: Fit For Every You. The All New Swim-Proof Fitbit Flex 2. Tracking Features - Steps, Distance, Calories Burned. Auto Sleep Tracking, Auto Exercise Recognition, Swim-Proof, Interchangeable Accessories.
SBS8064P SLBP 243 BL: Chuen Cheong Food Industries Pte Ltd - Tiger Brand Chilli Sauce With Garlic & Ginger: Makes Better Cooking. Tel 6285 1501. Email - (4th Gen)
SBS8065L BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8066J BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8067G ARBP 57 Royal Caribbean Cruises International (Asia Pacific) - Royal Caribbean Cruises: Put Us On Your Next Holiday Checklist. One Holiday, Endless Adventures. Come Aboard The Largest And Most Innovative Cruise Ship In Asia.
SBS8068D SLBP 256 Template:N/A
SBS8069B ARBP 16 Unilever Singapore - Domex Ultra Thick Bleach: 5X Thicker Bleach For Ultimate Protection. Available At Selected NTUC FairPrice & Cold Storage Outlets.
SBS8070X SLBP 174e/174* Template:N/A
SBS8071T BBDEP 156 2T: Kang Li Mineral Kingdom Pte Ltd - Kang Li Mineral Kingdom 康丽水晶天地: Snap A Photo Of This Bus & Whatsapp To Us!
SBS8072R BBDEP 160 B: Automobile Association Of Singapore (AAS) - AAS On-Site Battery Warranty & Services: Longest Ever Battery Warranty In Singapore! 24-Month On-Site Warranty With Every New Car Battery Purchased. Purchase Now! 6748 9911.
SBS8073M BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8074K BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8075H BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8076E BBDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS8077C SLBP 154 Maxi-Cash Singapore 大興當 - Maxi-Cash LeGold 乐金 916 / 999 Gold Collection: Low Gold Price, Brand New Gold Jewellery. 优惠金价, 全新金饰. (Feat. Kate Pang 庞蕾馨, Mediacorp Artiste & Maxi-Cash Brand Ambassador)
SBS8078A SLBP 30 F3: Heineken Asia Pacific - Strongbow Apple Cider: Cider Made From Real Apples. Refreshing Over Ice. #StayChill.
SBS8079Y BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8080S BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8081P SLBP 154 Eng Wah Global - 321 Clementi • Win Win Win 财运亨通 Lunar New Year Celebrations: Lunar New Year Celebrations At 321 Clementi. 2 Jan - 11 Feb 2017. Prizes To Be Won! 321 Clementi Shopping Vouchers, Yum Seng Beverage Hampers, Mulan The Musical Tickets, Plus More! Spend A Minimum Of $10 To Qualify. Facebook & Instagram - 321Clementi. (5th Gen: Yellow & Red)
SBS8082L HGDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8083J AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8084G BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8085D SLBP SP Template:N/A
SBS8086B AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8087Z AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8088X AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8089T SLBP 256 Template:N/A
SBS8090M BRBP 238 Template:N/A
SBS8091K AMDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8092H SLBP SP Template:N/A
SBS8093E AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8094C AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8095A AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8096Y AMDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8097U AMDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8098S SLBP 154 BL: Domino's Pizza Singapore - Domino's 2 Pizza Deals From $22. 2 Regular Pizzas From Only $22. Free Delivery, No Extra Charge. 6222-6333. (6th Gen)
SBS8099P SLBP 154 Template:N/A
SBS8100T AMDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8101R AMDEP 265 Template:N/A
SBS8102M BBDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS8103K AMDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8104H BBDEP 170 Template:N/A
SBS8105E SLBP 174 Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) - Win The Trip Of A Lifetime To The Premier League. Catch Leicester City VS Liverpool Live! Renew Or Buy A New Car, Motorcycle Or Annual Travel Insurance Policy Between 15 Nov 2016 And 31 Dec 2016 To Win. Call 6665 5555 Or Visit For More. (4th Gen: Yellow)
SBS8106C HGDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8107A BBDEP 170 Template:N/A
SBS8108Y BBDEP 170 Template:N/A
SBS8109U SLBP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8110P AMDEP 265 Template:N/A
SBS8111L BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8112J BBDEP 170 DBS Bank • Living, Breathing Asia - DBS Malaysia Remit: Same-day Online Transfer With DBS Remit. S$0 Transfer Fee To Malaysia. (2nd Gen)
SBS8113G SLBP 51 Unilever Singapore - Domex Ultra Thick Bleach: 5X Thicker Bleach For Ultimate Protection. Available At Selected NTUC FairPrice & Cold Storage Outlets.
SBS8114D BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8115B BBDEP 160 Template:N/A
SBS8116Z BBDEP 170 B: MOBOTS E-Mobility: E-Scooters, E-Bikes, E-Hovers. For Enquiries, Call 6538 2816.
SBS8117X AMDEP 268 Template:N/A
SBS8118T BBDEP 175 Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co - Mustafa Centre: 24 Hour Shopping Experience. (L: Our Pharmacist Is On Duty 24/7. R: Optical Services Are Now Available) (6th Gen: Green & Orange)
SBS8119R AMDEP 268 Template:N/A
SBS8120K BBDEP 170 Gleneagles Hospital Group - Gleneagles Medini Hospital Johor: Gleneagles Medini Hospital Is Now Open In Johor!. Affordable, Accessible (15 Minutes Away From Tuas Second Link), Experienced Specialist Doctors.
SBS8121H BBDEP 170 Template:N/A
SBS8122E BBDEP 170 Template:N/A
SBS8123C BBDEP 160 Template:N/A
SBS8124A HGDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8125Y BBDEP TRG Template:N/A
SBS8126U ARBP 195 City Developments Limited (CDL) - Queens Peak Condominium: Delight In A Plethora Of 7 Zones And 77 Facilities. 8338 7800. Show Suites Along Dundee Road (Connected To Queenstown MRT), Open From 10AM - 7PM Daily.
SBS8127S BBDEP 74 Mundipharma Singapore - BETADINE Family Care Products: Professionals Choose BETADINE. BETADINE - Official Healthcare Product Provider Of Manchester City Football Club. (L: BETADINE Kills Bacteria That Cause Sore Throats. R: BETADINE Antiseptic Now Comes In A Spray.)
SBS8128P BBDEP 160 Template:N/A
SBS8129L SLBP 240 Template:N/A
SBS8130G BBDEP 160 Template:N/A
SBS8131D BBDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS8138K BBDEP 175 Template:N/A
SBS8888D HGDEP 109 Template:N/A

Former deploymentsEdit

Other informationEdit


AMDEP Ang Mo Kio Depot
ARBP Ayer Rajah Bus Park
BBDEP Bukit Batok Depot
BRBP Braddell Bus Park
HGDEP Hougang Depot
SLBP Soon Lee Bus Park
SP Spare bus
TRG Training bus
* Crossover
Template:N/A Not available
(empty) Whole bus ad.
AF: Small 3D antenna-like ball pop-up attached to front of bus on the roof.
BL: Full body with Moove Big Label ad portions in areas between wheels & full rear, white plain portions for other areas.
B: Rear - Ad covering entire rear of bus.
L: Ad on the nearside / left side of bus. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on the offside / right side of bus. (Shared ad)
LS: Left skyliner board only.
RS: Right skyliner board only.
S: Ad on both skyliner boards only.
B2: Full rear ad with 2D pop-up at rear of bus.
B3: Full rear ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
F2: Full body ad with 2D pop-up at side / rear of bus.
F3: Full body ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
FS: Ad on both skyliner boards and full body ad.

Buses in depotsEdit

Click to expand/collapse
AMDEP 16 buses SBS8083J SBS8086B SBS8087Z SBS8088X SBS8091K SBS8093E SBS8094C SBS8095A SBS8096Y SBS8097U SBS8100T SBS8101R SBS8103K SBS8110P SBS8117X SBS8119R
ARBP 11 buses SBS8037T SBS8038R SBS8044Y SBS8051B SBS8054T SBS8058H SBS8061Y SBS8063S SBS8067G SBS8069B SBS8126U
BBDEP 45 buses SBS8036X SBS8039M SBS8040H SBS8043A SBS8045U SBS8046S SBS8049J SBS8050D SBS8052Z SBS8053X SBS8057K SBS8059E SBS8060A SBS8062U SBS8065L SBS8066J SBS8071T SBS8072R SBS8073M SBS8074K SBS8075H SBS8076E SBS8079Y SBS8080S SBS8084G SBS8102M SBS8104H SBS8107A SBS8108Y SBS8111L SBS8112J SBS8114D SBS8115B SBS8116Z SBS8118T SBS8120K SBS8121H SBS8122E SBS8123C SBS8125Y SBS8127S SBS8128P SBS8130G SBS8131D SBS8138K
BRBP 1 bus SBS8090M
HGDEP 5 buses SBS8033D SBS8082L SBS8106C SBS8124A SBS8888D
SLBP 23 buses SBS8034B SBS8035Z SBS8041E SBS8042C SBS8047P SBS8048L SBS8055R SBS8056M SBS8064P SBS8068D SBS8070X SBS8077C SBS8078A SBS8081P SBS8085D SBS8089T SBS8092H SBS8098S SBS8099P SBS8105E SBS8109U SBS8113G SBS8129L

Buses with Trapeze CFMSEdit

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With Trapeze CFMS All buses except SBS8036X, SBS8038R, SBS8039M, SBS8043A, SBS8054T, SBS8063S, SBS8068D, SBS8073M, SBS8080S, SBS8082L, SBS8083J, SBS8085D - SBS8089T, SBS8091K - SBS8097U, SBS8103K, SBS8109U, SBS8111L, SBS8124A - SBS8126U

Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) / Land Public Transport Commission (LPTC)Edit

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SBS8045U, SBS8046S, SBS8049J, SBS8050D, SBS8052Z, SBS8053X, SBS8057K, SBS8059E, SBS8060A, SBS8062U, SBS8065L, SBS8066J, SBS8072R, SBS8074K - SBS8076E, SBS8079Y, SBS8084G, SBS8104H, SBS8107A, SBS8108Y, SBS8112J, SBS8114D - SBS8116Z, SBS8120K - SBS8123C, SBS8128P, SBS8130G, SBS8131D


  • AMDEP and BRBP buses are interchangeable.
  • ARBP and BBDEP buses are interchangeable.
  • SBS8033D is the demonstrator.
  • All of the training buses are used for WAB Training & Route Familiarisation purposes only.

See alsoEdit

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