Sengkang Bus Interchange

Sengkang Bus Interchange

Commencement date:
Shifted to Temporary Site:
Reopened on original site within Compass Point:
12 June 1998
28 April 2001
18 January 2003
Number of Sawtooth berths: 4
Number of services:
SBS Transit:
SMRT Buses:</u>
<u>Operated by:</u><u>SBS Transit</u>
<u>Nearest MRT/LRT Station:</u><u> NE16  STC  Sengkang</u>

<u>Sengkang Bus Interchange</u><u> is a bus interchange located on the ground storey of Compass Heights condominium in the town centre of Sengkang New Town. Located next to Sengkang MRT/LRT Station.</u>


<u>Old Bus Interchange</u>Edit

<u>The bus interchange was opened on 12 June 1998 as a terminal. At that time, developments around the area in Sengkang New Town were still actively in progress. On 28 April 2001, the bus interchange was located across the road of Sengkang Square.</u>


On 18 January 2003, after the Sengkang LRT East Loop opens, Sengkang Bus Interchange is moved to Compass Point Shopping Centre, and is integrated with the other transport networks like the Sengkang MRT Station and LRT Stations, all housed under one complex. It is notably the second bus interchange in Singapore to be air-conditioned, after Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.


To improve ventilation at the former non-air-conditioned alighting bays, the Land Transport Authority constructed a new air-conditioned passageway connecting to the existing air-conditioned boarding areas in 2007.[1]

Change of bus routesEdit

Some bus services from Sengkang Bus Interchange had been removed or re-routed when the North East Line was opened in 20 June 2003, and when the East and West loops of the Sengkang LRT Line were opened in 20 January 2003 and 29 January 2005 respectively.


Bus Routes in Singapore

Service Berth Destination Notes
SBS Transit Trunk Services
80 B3 HarbourFront Bus Interchange 20px
83 B1 Punggol Bus Interchange
86 B1 Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange 20px
87 B3 Bedok Bus Interchange
119 B3 Hougang Street 21 (Loop)
156 B4 Clementi Bus Interchange
159 B4 Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
163 B2 Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
163M B2 Fernvale Lane (Loop) Formerly known as Service 163A before 28 January 2008
SBS Transit Short Working Trips
156A B4 Thomson Road Terminates opposite Thomson Police Academy
159A B4 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8/MRT Terminates opposite Block 710
SBS Transit Feeder Services
372 B2 Anchorvale Road (Loop)
SMRT Buses Trunk Services
965 B4 Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange


Berth (B1)
86 20px 83
Berth (B2)
372 163/163M
Berth (B3)
119 87 80 20px
Berth (B4)
965 159/159A 156/156A

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