Volvo B7RLE/Liannex-ComfortDelgro Mk I-with superlong handstraps in front
RU3718U (Blue Line)
RU3719S (Yellow Line)
RU3720L (Blue Line)
RU3721J (Blue Line)
RU3722G (Yellow Line)
PA4136X (Red Line)
PA4139M (Blue Line)
PA4144Y (Red Line)

Volvo B7RLE Mk II-entire bus using regular length handstraps
PA5278M (Red Line)
PA5279K (Yellow Line)
PA5286P (Yellow Line)

Volvo B7R/Liannex-ComfortDelgro
PA4137T (MK I)
PA4138R (MK I)
PA5451D (Mk II)
PA5456R (Mk II)
PA5478C (Mk II)

Volvo B7RLE Open Top/Liannex
RU4127T (Mk II)
RU4290D (MK III)

Mazda T3500
And one other example

Mitsubishi Rosa
PA4291E - blue
PA6310X - white
PA6325D - white
PA6349K - Sentosa Cove Internal Shuttle
and possibly other buses
These buses, together with the lone Toyota Coaster are usually used for Sentosa Cove shuttle and as replacement or beef up services for Palawan/Tanjong Beach Tram and Siloso Beach Tram.

Toyota Coaster

Mercedes Benz O.309
RU416K (used as Wall's ice cream kiosk)
RU417H (used as Wall's ice cream kiosk)- located at Palawan Beach

Isuzu NQR70P/Liannex (Replica Mosquito bus)
RU4052A (Fort Siloso)
RU4053Y (Fort Siloso)

King Long KLQ6840

King Long KLQ6910

King Long KLQ6121GQ
PA8031M (Red Line)

Woodlands Transport Buses used for Habourfront to Sentosa shuttle and misc

PA3730L (Isuzu LT133P/SC Auto 'Euroclass')
PA6271A (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution'; WTS Travel; used for Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort shuttle
PA6346T (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PA6347R (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PA6358J (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PA6369C (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PA6370Y (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution'; WTS Travel, used for Shangri La Rasa Sentsoa Resort shuttle
PA6371U (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PH276P (Isuzu LT134P/SC Auto 'Evolution')
PH8668P (Mitsubishi Fuso RM117NSRDEB/Liannex)

and other buses which are operated by Woodlands Transport/WTS Travel in Sentosa

Severn Lamb Trams


WB9661A (Tanjong Beach)
WB9662Y (Siloso Beach)

Volvo B12B Beach Trams (ComfortDelGro Engineering)
WC2649C (Siloso Beach)
WC2820C (Tanjong Beach)

All beach trams run in 2 car sets, the 3rd car has been removed for operational reasons.

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