Service 30 Edit

Bedok North Bus Park (BNDEP)Edit

SBS2390L SBS2391J SBS2392G SBS2393D SBS2394B SBS2395Z SBS2396X SBS2397T SBS2398R SBS2399M SBS2400S SBS2401P SBS2402L SBS2403J SBS2404G SBS2405D SBS2406B SBS2407Z SBS2408X SBS2409T
20 Leyland Atlantean

Jurong Bus Park (JRBP)Edit

SBS7124G SBS7125D SBS7126B SBS7127Z SBS7128X SBS7129T SBS7130M SBS7166K SBS7167H SBS7168E
10 Leyland Olympian 2-Axle

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