Registration No. Chassis Registration Date
SH105P Mercedes-Benz OHL1627/63 1999-01-27
SH106L Scania K114IB 4X2 2003-07-01
SH107J MAN 16.240 1995-07-27
SH108G MAN 16.240 1996-08-16
SH109D MAN 16.240 1994-09-14
SH110Z Scania L113CRB 1997-08-22
SH111X Mercedes-Benz OHL1627/63 1998-02-25
SH112T MAN 16.240 1993-12-22
SH113R Scania L94IB 4X2 1999-02-23
SH114M Mercedes-Benz OHL1627/63 1998-02-25
SH115K Scania K114IB 4X2 2006-09-28
SH116H MAN 16.240 1996-08-16
SH117E Scania K114IB 4X2 2005-09-27
SH118C MAN 16.240/Scania K230IB 1992-11-19
SH119A Scania K114IB 4X2 2005-09-27
SH120U Scania K114IB 4X2 2003-06-11
SH121S MAN 16.240 1993-12-22

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