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Operator(s) Template:SBS Transit
Registration no. SBS2689B - SBS2838M
Vehicle make Volvo
Vehicle manufacturer Volvo Buses
Vehicle bodywork Duple Metsec 3500
Vehicle model B10M Mark IV (B10M-60)
Length 11.997m
Width 2.5m
Quantity 150
Year 1996 - 1998
Period of registration 12 Aug 1997 - 21 Oct 1999 (SBS2689B - SBS2788Z)
26 Dec 2000 (SBS2789X - SBS2838M)
Passenger capacity Seating: 46
Standing: 41
Total: 87
Engine model Volvo THD102KF
Engine capacity 9603 cc
Emission standard Euro I
Transmission model Voith DIWA 851.3
Power/torque 245 hp (183 kW) @ 2200 rpm / 1050 Nm @ 1250 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
Air-con model Sütrak AC 350
Carrier Sütrak AC 353 (SBS2810S, SBS2838M)
Webasto (SBS2750G)
EDS model Transit Media (SBS2779A)
Door model Deans
Additional features Wide Out-Swinging Plug-Doors (Exit) (SBS2754X)
Additional rear CCTV camera (SBS2793H)
Exterior CCTV cameras (SBS2819T)
Mobileye 560 Advanced Driver Assistance System (SBS2835X)


Registration no. Service Advertisement
SBS2789X ARBP 48 Template:N/A
SBS2790R SLBP SP Template:N/A
SBS2791M HGDEP 158/158A* Template:N/A
SBS2792K HGDEP 165 BL: Ferrero Group (Asia) - Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bars: Discover The Bueno Side Of Life.
SBS2793H HGDEP 159/159A* Template:N/A
SBS2794E HGDEP 132 Minstry Of Health (MOH) - Care To Go Beyond • Be A Nurse: Career Development, Autonomy, Recognition, Education. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - #caretogobeyond. "When I Share What I've Learnt, More People Get Better Care," Mohammad Haizad Bin Imran, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Institute Of Mental Health.
SBS2795C ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2796A HGDEP 105 Template:N/A
SBS2797Y HGDEP 100 Template:N/A
SBS2798U HGDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2799S ARBP 123 Template:N/A
SBS2800X HGDEP 109 Template:N/A
SBS2801T ARBP 32 Template:N/A
SBS2802R ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2803M HGDEP 112 Template:N/A
SBS2804K BBDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2805H ARBP 123 Template:N/A
SBS2806E BBDEP 95 Eng Wah Global - 321 Clementi • Win Win Win 财运亨通 Lunar New Year Celebrations: Lunar New Year Celebrations At 321 Clementi. 2 Jan - 11 Feb 2017. Prizes To Be Won! 321 Clementi Shopping Vouchers, Yum Seng Beverage Hampers, Mulan The Musical Tickets, Plus More! Spend A Minimum Of $10 To Qualify. Facebook & Instagram - 321Clementi. (5th Gen: Yellow & Red)
SBS2807C BBDEP 33 Template:N/A
SBS2808A ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2809Y SLBP 105 Template:N/A
SBS2810S ARBP 93 Template:N/A
SBS2811P ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2812L ARBP 93 Template:N/A
SBS2813J HGDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS2814G ARBP 200 Template:N/A
SBS2815D BBDEP 166 Template:N/A
SBS2816B ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2817Z BBDEP 95 Template:N/A
SBS2818X ARBP 91 Template:N/A
SBS2819T HGDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2820M ARBP 93 Template:N/A
SBS2821K ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2822H BBDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS2823E ARBP 16 Template:N/A
SBS2824C SLBP 197 Template:N/A
SBS2825A BBDEP 33 Template:N/A
SBS2826Y BBDEP 10 Template:N/A
SBS2827U ARBP 191 Template:N/A
SBS2828S ARBP 48 B: Union Chemical & Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd - WHEALTH 养生精 Health Tonic: 补气补血效果好, 养颜护肤不能少.
SBS2829P BBDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS2830J ARBP 111 Template:N/A
SBS2831G ARBP 93 B: MOBOTS E-Mobility: E-Scooters, E-Bikes, E-Hovers. For Enquiries, Call 6538 2816.
SBS2832D ARBP 200 Template:N/A
SBS2833B HGDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2834Z HGDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2835X BBDEP 10 Template:N/A
SBS2836T HGDEP 156 Template:N/A
SBS2837R BBDEP 151 Template:N/A
SBS2838M HGDEP 103 Template:N/A

Former deploymentsEdit

Retired buses & de-registration scheduleEdit

Other informationEdit


ARBP Ayer Rajah Bus Park
BBDEP Bukit Batok Depot
HGDEP Hougang Depot
SLBP Soon Lee Bus Park
SP Spare bus
TRG Training bus
* Crossover
Template:N/A Not available
(empty) Whole bus ad.
BL: Full body with Moove Big Label ad portions in areas between wheels & full rear, white plain portions for other areas.
B: Rear - Ad covering entire rear of bus.
L: Ad on the nearside / left side of bus. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on the offside / right side of bus. (Shared ad)
LS: Left skyliner board only.
RS: Right skyliner board only.
S: Ad on both skyliner boards only.
B2: Full rear ad with 2D pop-up at rear of bus.
B3: Full rear ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
F2: Full body ad with 2D pop-up at side / rear of bus.
F3: Full body ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
FS: Ad on both skyliner boards and full body ad.

Buses in depotsEdit

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ARBP 21 buses SBS2789X SBS2795C SBS2799S SBS2801T SBS2802R SBS2805H SBS2808A SBS2810S SBS2811P SBS2812L SBS2814G SBS2816B SBS2818X SBS2820M SBS2821K SBS2823E SBS2827U SBS2828S SBS2830J SBS2831G SBS2832D
BBDEP 11 buses SBS2804K SBS2806E SBS2807C SBS2815D SBS2817Z SBS2822H SBS2825A SBS2826Y SBS2829P SBS2835X SBS2837R
HGDEP 15 buses SBS2791M SBS2792K SBS2793H SBS2794E SBS2796A SBS2797Y SBS2798U SBS2800X SBS2803M SBS2813J SBS2819T SBS2833B SBS2834Z SBS2836T SBS2838M
SLBP 3 buses SBS2790R SBS2809Y SBS2824C

Buses with Trapeze CFMSEdit

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With Trapeze CFMS SBS2789X, SBS2791M - SBS2793H, SBS2795C - SBS2797Y, SBS2800X - SBS2802R, SBS2804K, SBS2807C - SBS2813J, SBS2815D, SBS2816B, SBS2820M - SBS2825A, SBS2827U - SBS2829P, SBS2831G, SBS2837R, SBS2838M

Seats cover informationEdit

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Red (Original) SBS2790R, SBS2827U - SBS2830J, SBS2832D, SBS2834Z
Yellow (Refurbished) SBS2789X, SBS2791M - SBS2826Y, SBS2831G, SBS2833B, SBS2835X - SBS2838M


  • AMDEP and BRBP buses are interchangeable.
  • ARBP and BBDEP buses are interchangeable.
  • BNDEP and CGBP buses are interchangeable.
  • SBS2779A was featured with Transit Media EDS but was subsequently removed when transferred to Bukit Batok Depot (BBDEP).
  • SBS2785G & SBS2819T are installed with interior yellow grab handles.
  • SBS2811P & SBS2837R have refurbished red leather air-con ducts.

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