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Operator(s) Template:SBS Transit
Volgren-bodied (Demonstrator) PSV International/ComfortDelGro Engineering-bodied (Demonstrator) Volgren-bodied (Production batch)
Registration no. SBS9888Y SBS9889U SBS9800A - SBS9849K
Vehicle make Volvo
Vehicle manufacturer Volvo Buses
Vehicle model B10TL
Vehicle bodywork Volgren CR222LD PSV International/ComfortDelGro Engineering Volgren CR222LD
Length 12m
Quantity 1 1 50
Year 1999 2002 2001 & 2002
Period of registration 1 Nov 1999 1 Mar 2005 4 Apr 2002 (SBS9800A)
17 Feb 2003 - 11 Apr 2003 (SBS9801Y - SBS9849K)
Passenger capacity Seating (Upper deck): 55
Seating (Lower deck): 28
Standing: 42
Total: 125
Seating (Upper deck): 55
Seating (Lower deck): 27
Standing: 39
Total: 121
Seating (Upper deck): 55
Seating (Lower deck): 28
Standing: 42
Total: 125
Engine model Volvo D10A-285
Emission standard Euro II
Power/torque 285 hp (210 kW) @ 2000 rpm / 1200 Nm @ 1450 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECS2)
Braking system Volvo Electronic Braking System (EBS5)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Engine capacity 8268 cc
Transmission model ZF Ecomat I 5HP 590 Voith DIWA 863.3 Voith DIWA 863.3 (original)
ZF Ecomat I 4HP 590 (SBS9805L, SBS9806J, SBS9817C, SBS9825D, SBS9827Z & SBS9834C)
Air-con model Denso
EDS model Mobitec MobiDOT (SBS9888Y)
Transit Media (SBS9810X, SBS9889U)

EDS controller model Mobitec Zebra 300TD (SBS9888Y)
Transit Media (SBS9810X, SBS9889U)

LECIP Driver Control Console
Seat model Vogelsitze System 400
Door model SMC Transit
Deans (SBS9889U)
Additional features Additional rear CCTV camera (SBS9800A, SBS9802U, SBS9808D, SBS9815H, SBS9817C, SBS9821P, SBS9825D, SBS9829T, SBS9844Z)
Interior pinhole colour CCTV camera (SBS9843B)



Registration no. Service Advertisement
SBS9889U BRBP 125 Template:N/A

Production batchEdit

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SBS9800A AMDEP 59 Template:N/A
SBS9801Y BNDEP 8 Template:N/A
SBS9802U BRBP 88 Template:N/A
SBS9803S BNDEP 222 Template:N/A
SBS9804P BRBP 88 Template:N/A
SBS9805L SEDEP 13 Template:N/A
SBS9806J AMDEP 59 Template:N/A
SBS9807G BRBP 8 Template:N/A
SBS9808D SEDEP 70 FW: Bloomberg Asia - Bloomberg TV: (L: Across The Globe. Around The Corner. R: International Insight. Local Perspective. Bloomberg - On TV. Online. On The Go. Business News That Moves With You.) (Feat. Haslinda Amin, Bloomberg TV News Correspondent & Anchor) (3rd Gen: L: Blue & Green; R: Red & Purple)
SBS9809B BNDEP 10e/23* Template:N/A
SBS9810X BRBP 90/90A* Template:N/A
SBS9811T BNDEP 31/31A* Template:N/A
SBS9812R BNDEP 225W Template:N/A
SBS9813M BNDEP 65 Template:N/A
SBS9814K BNDEP 65 Template:N/A
SBS9815H BRBP SP Template:N/A
SBS9816E BNDEP 31 Template:N/A
SBS9817C AMDEP 22 Template:N/A
SBS9818A BNDEP 31/31A* Template:N/A
SBS9819Y BNDEP 69 Template:N/A
SBS9820S BNDEP 222 Template:N/A
SBS9821P AMDEP 25 Template:N/A
SBS9822L BNDEP 8 Template:N/A
SBS9823J BNDEP 31 Template:N/A
SBS9824G BNDEP 28 Template:N/A
SBS9825D BRBP 8 Template:N/A
SBS9826B BNDEP 14 Template:N/A
SBS9827Z BRBP 186 Template:N/A
SBS9828X BNDEP 291 Template:N/A
SBS9829T BRBP 125 Template:N/A
SBS9830M BNDEP 65 Template:N/A
SBS9831K BRBP 88 Template:N/A
SBS9832H BNDEP 23 Template:N/A
SBS9833E BNDEP 9 Template:N/A
SBS9834C BRBP 88 Template:N/A
SBS9835A BNDEP 23 Template:N/A
SBS9836Y AMDEP 133 Template:N/A
SBS9837U BNDEP 81 Template:N/A
SBS9838S BNDEP 5 Template:N/A
SBS9839P AMDEP 59 Template:N/A
SBS9840J AMDEP 54 Template:N/A
SBS9841G AMDEP 59 Template:N/A
SBS9842D BRBP 8 Template:N/A
SBS9843B BNDEP 81 Template:N/A
SBS9844Z AMDEP 25 Template:N/A
SBS9845X BRBP 139 2T: Health Promotion Board (HPB) - Let's Beat Diabetes: Be Aware, Eat Right, Adopt An Active Lifestyle, Take Control. (L & R: Act Now. Find Out How At B: Have More Fruits And Vegetables. Find Out More At (Dark Blue)
SBS9846T BNDEP SP Template:N/A
SBS9847R BRBP 139 2T: Health Promotion Board (HPB) - Let's Beat Diabetes: Be Aware, Eat Right, Adopt An Active Lifestyle, Take Control. (L & R: Act Now. Find Out How At B: More Water, Less Sugar. Find Out More At (Red)
SBS9848M BNDEP 37 Template:N/A
SBS9849K BNDEP 69 Template:N/A

Former deploymentsEdit

De-registration scheduleEdit

Other informationEdit


AMDEP Ang Mo Kio Depot
BNDEP Bedok North Depot
BRBP Braddell Bus Park
SEDEP Sungei Seletar Depot
SP Spare bus
* Crossover
Template:N/A Not available
(empty) Whole bus ad.
NWMS: Full body with Moove Monster Strip ad portions in areas along & full rear, white plain portions for other areas except upper deck front windscreen.
MS: Full body with Moove Monster Strip ad portions in areas along, full rear & upper deck front windscreen, white plain portions for other areas.
FW: Whole bus ad incl. upper deck front windscreen.
B: Back ad - Ad covering entire back of bus.
L: Ad on the nearside / left side of bus. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on the offside / right side of bus. (Shared ad)

Buses in depotsEdit

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AMDEP 11 buses SBS9800A SBS9805L SBS9806J SBS9808D SBS9817C SBS9821P SBS9836Y SBS9839P SBS9840J SBS9841G SBS9844Z
BNDEP 26 buses SBS9801Y SBS9803S SBS9809B SBS9811T SBS9812R SBS9813M SBS9814K SBS9816E SBS9818A SBS9819Y SBS9820S SBS9822L SBS9823J SBS9824G SBS9826B SBS9828X SBS9830M SBS9832H SBS9833E SBS9835A SBS9837U SBS9838S SBS9843B SBS9846T SBS9848M SBS9849K
BRBP 14 buses SBS9802U SBS9804P SBS9807G SBS9810X SBS9815H SBS9825D SBS9827Z SBS9829T SBS9831K SBS9834C SBS9842D SBS9845X SBS9847R SBS9889U

Buses with Trapeze CFMSEdit

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With Trapeze CFMS All buses except SBS9808D, SBS9810X, SBS9811T, SBS9816E - SBS9818A, SBS9821P, SBS9823J, SBS9833E, SBS9836Y, SBS9840J, SBS9844Z

Buses without rear EDSEdit

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Without rear EDS SBS9808D, SBS9827Z, SBS9829T, SBS9845X, SBS9889U


  • AMDEP and BRBP buses are interchangeable.
  • SBS9888Y (de-registered) and SBS9889U are the demonstrators.

See alsoEdit

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