SBS8030L (SLBP 174)

Legend & NotesEdit


  • SP - Spare Buses
  • Due to complexity of some ads, advertisement codes are present
  • (empty): Whole bus ad
  • LS: Left Skyliner
  • RS: Right Skyliner
  • B: Back - Ad covering entire back of bus
  • BS: Back Small - Small sticker ad on the back of the bus/ad mounted on the metal holder on the back of bus
  • NS: Nearside - Small sticker ad, or ad mounted on the nearside (door) metal ad holder
  • OS: Offside (as above, but on driver side)
  • S: 2D side ads
  • FS: Whole bus ad with 2D side ads
  • B3: Full back ad with 3D ads
  • F3: Whole bus ad with 3D rear ads


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